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Individual approach

Project of any complexity

High perfomance hardware

About Mirball Render Farm

«Mirball.RENDER» is one of the most powefull render farm in Russia and is a collaborative project of "Mirball" visual and animation studio and "Sigma.Tomsk" Nanotechnology Center."

We offer high perfomance solutions for effective rendering of any complexity: from an archiviz to a full-lenght movies.

Our clients are offered with a computation power based on Intel XEON x5670 and XEON E5-2650 v2 with 8120 Ghz*h perfomance output in total.

Flexible pricing

The pricing calculator below will help you to forecast an average render time and a budget range for a particular project.

Our flexible pricing policy allows us to make you a unique offer so please do not hesitate to contact us.

Experienced tech support

The core company «Mirball» Studio focuses on graphics on animation.

The studio experts use ther expertice to setup and tune the render-farm for cost efficient rendering.

64 GB RAM per node
>2,6 GHz Intel XEON x5670, XEON E5-2650 v2
8120 GHz*h Total power (200 render nodes)

Supported Software

«Mirball.RENDER» offers a vast majority of popular rendering software. And with the following core company experience the tech support is able to solve any problems that might happen during a render setup.

With a list of commonly used rendering software the render-farm is able to satisfy all the requirements for projects.

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Pricing Calculator

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$1.3 per single node*hour


$1 per single node*hour


$0.7 per single node*hour


$0.5 per single node*hour
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